You! You want to see some links to webcomics I like?? Yes!

pictures for sad children: it's funny because it's depressing
explodingdog: drawings based on randomish phrases
Pokey the Penguin: some sorta crazy stuff
xkcd: stick figures do things that are funny if you know what they're talking about
Partially Clips: Dialogue is added to clip art and it's funny
Modern Love: Random stuff goes on
Toothpaste for Dinner: Crudely drawn people talk about stuff
Natalie Dee: Simple funny drawings
Married to the Sea: Humorous captions added to old pictures
Cyanide and Happiness: Horrible things happen and it's funny
thingpart: Hey check this out it's a webcomic and it's funny
How to be Happy: Formerly Too Much Coffee Man
Indexed: Humorous and thoughtful graphs
Function of (X): Graphs also
Sinfest: A comic where people and animals do stuff and it's funny
Bad Gods: Various forms of comic by Lore Sj÷berg

Comics by friends of mine:
Pictures of Mandaliet: Insane drawings of "me"
The HomeFries is Fried: A fox-person does things and it's funny

Comics that are no longer updated but I don't hold that against them:
Perry Bible Fellowship: It's a webcomic and it's funny
Death to the Extremist: A nice comic, but for some reason it doesn't have any drawings... I don't get it
Tip of the Sword: A guy and a dragon and some other people talk about video games

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